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A criminal accusation can be life altering. Even if the accusation is false and all criminal charges are dropped, the arrest itself can lead to indirect consequences for the individual's education and career opportunities.

From the moment you have contact with a Law Enforcement Officer, every action or lack of action you take from what you say, do, or donít say or do has serious consequences. It is crucial for you to know and to understand your rights after police contact and/or arrest. One of your most important right, is the right to an attorney. My office has the experienced to help navigate the complex criminal justice system.

At the Law Office of Jennito Simon, we fight to protect clients charged with felonies, misdemeanors and traffic infractions. At every stage of the case, including before any arrest is made, prior to formal charges being filed, during any emergency bond hearing, during pre-trial status and motion hearings, and at a bench or jury trial we FIGHT for you.

Contact our offices at 1-844-JENNITO to schedule an initial FREE consultation, either in the office or on the phone. During the consultation, you will speak with me, JENNITO, a South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney, about the particular facts of your case. Obtaining representation as early as possible in the process helps ensure all avenues of attacking the criminal charges are available. At our office Fighting for Justice While Providing Great Service, It's not just a motto it's our belief.


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